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Minutes of Last meeting

Minutes of a meeting of the Steering Group of Churches Together in Scarborough held at St. Mary’s Parish Church, Castle Road, Scarborough on Tuesday, 14th. September, 2021 at 12 noon.


PRESENT:- Reverend Richard J. Walker (Chairman) (St. Mary’s with Holy Apostles), Reverend Emma Morgan (Vice Chairman) (Northstead, Scalby Sherburn & Snainton), Mr. Colin T. Adamson (Minutes Secretary & Treasurer) (Westborough), Reverend Steve Blower (Sidewalk), Reverend Geoff. Bowell (Scarborough Christian Fellowship), Ms. Christina Bramley (Faith in Scarborough Schools & Burniston) Mrs. Catherine Dufton (Faith in Scarborough Schools & Ebenezer), Reverend Tony Hand (St. Laurence’s, Scalby & St. Peter’s Hackness with St. Margaret’s, Harwood Dale), Reverend David Nellist (Maranatha), and Mrs. S. Mary Walker (St. James with Holy Trinity)


21/24 OPENING DEVOTIONS:-  The Chairman opened the meeting by reading the opening verses of Psalm 27, followed by a reflection and a time of sharing.


21/25 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:- Apologies were received from Mrs. Ruth Dale (Secretary) (Northstead), Mrs. Ros. Brewer (St, Mark’s & Scarborough Deanery), Mr. Joe Coates (St. Mary’s with Holy Apostles), Father David Dixon (St. Martin-on-the-Hill with St. Michael’s & All Angels and St. Saviour’s with All Saints), Mrs. Pauline Hainsworth (St. Columba), Mrs. Hester Miller (Quakers), Major Stephen Noble (Salvation Army), Reverend Graeme D. Parkins (Elim),  


21/26 MINUTES:- The Minutes of the last Steering Group meeting held on Tuesday, 8th. June, 2021; having been circulated, were taken as read, approved and will subsequently be signed by the Chairman.






  1.  Syrian Refugees  -  (21/16 a))  -  The Chairman reported that teaching English as a foreign language is ongoing and that there are about ten people involved.   This is ESOL funded and amounts from the £3,500 are gradually being drawn down.


  1. A Borough of Sanctuary Status for Scarborough  -  (21/16 b))  -  The Minutes Secretary reported that immediately following the last meeting, an acknowledgement of the submission to Scarborough Borough Council was received from the Leader of the Council and that subsequently, a fuller response was received from Councillor Liz Colling who stated that she had made sufficient progress to be in a position to love forward having been working with a group of volunteers who support refugees who have been contacting businesses and organisations across the Borough to ask them to sign up to support the Borough of Sanctuary and had received a fantastic response.   There will ultimately need to be a formal motion to Council to be voted on by all elected members and the steer is to garner as much local resident and business support as possible well in advance of any proposed motion and demonstrate a commitment from elsewhere in the Borough, Whitby and Filey.   She intimated that Councillor Carol Maw would be in contact, but nothing further has been received since June.

The Chairman stated that Scarborough Borough Council will cease in the near future and there will probably be a need to have a relook.   It was agreed to keep the subject in front of the current councillors and to make further contact, recognising future changes.

  1. ‘AS ONE’  -  (21/17)  The Chairman reported that meetings have been taking place at a high level.   A service thanking key workers and remembering our loved ones had taken place on Saturday, 11th. September.   As One is looking to have an As One event, in the local area, but probably in 2022.




  1. Messy Church 25th. Anniversary  -  An event will take place on Sunday, 3rd. July, 2022 at 4.00 p.m. at Queen Street Central Hall.


  1. Y.M.C.A. Event  -  Riding Lights will be at St. Mary’s on Sunday, 19th. September at 2.00 p.m.


  1. Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service  -  This service will be held on Sunday, 23rd. January, 2022 at Westborough Methodist Church at 6.30 p.m.


  1. World Day of Prayer Service  -  This service will be held on Friday, 4th. March, 2022 at St. James Church at 10.30 a.m.


21/29 AFGHANISTAN REFUGEES  -  The Chairman reported that 94 refugees including 64 children and 14 families can to Scarborough.   An appeal for finance and clothing was launched and the response was tremendous and in 24 hours a building had been filled.   Another 150 are expected.   An ESOL programme is attached to this project but is centrally funded.   It is likely that they will stay here for 30 to 60 days and then will be resettled.


21/30 TORCH TRUST : SIGHT LOSS FRIENDLY CHURCH:-  (21/20)  It was agreed to keep this item on the Agenda.

21/31 TREASURER’S REPORT:-  The Treasurer reported that the current reconciled bank balance is £1,027.11.   The only income during the year had been church membership subscriptions which had amounted to £870.00 from a total of thirty churches.   Most churches had paid £30.00 to cover both 2020 and 2021 and that several churches, not previously having paid a subscription, had come on board.   He felt that there were about another 3 or 4 churches who are actively involved with C.T.I.S. from whom a subscription would be expected.


21/32  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING:-   This will be held on Tuesday, 2nd. November, 2021 at Queen Street Central Hall.   The premises are booked from 6.00 p.m. to allow those organisations supporting by C.T.I.S. to set up stalls and displays.   Church representatives will be invited to arrive from 6.30 p.m. to view the stalls and talk with those involved.   Refreshments will be served on arrival.   The Business meeting will commence at 7.00 p.m.

The Minutes Secretary will request reports from those organisations supported by C.T.I.S. and these will be included with the papers for the meeting.   It was agreed to recommend to the A.G.M. that £100 is donated to each of Faith in Scarborough Schools, Sidewalk, Rainbow Centre, Westway Open Arms and Kingdom Faith – Street Angels.

The Officers for 2021/2 will be appointed at the meeting and the current holders will bring proposals to the A.G.M.





The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting as discussed above.

It was agreed that the dates of the Steering Group meetings in 2022 be held on the equivalent Tuesdays and therefore will be held on 18th. January, 15th. March, 14th. June and 20th. September.   It was agreed to continue to hold these at Northstead Methodist Church at 12 noon.

It was agreed to propose to the A.G.M. that the following A.G.M. be held on Tuesday, 8th. November, 2022.


There being no further business, the meeting closed, with the Grace.