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The Rainbow Centre is preparing for Christmas! We need to borrow some trestle tables.  We realise that you will need your trestles over the Christmas period but if each church could spare ONE TRESTLE TABLE that would be great.  We will need to borrow them from mid October to early January 2019 and promise to look after them.
If you can help please put a sticker on the underside of the table with a contact name and telephone number and your church (so we can arange to return it safely).
For collection or to arrange to drop off -  please contact either:
Trish Kinsella    trish_kinsella@yahoo.co.uk   Tel: 07447 095190
Lesley Usher     lesley.usher96@gmail.com    Tel: 07816 857427
OR contact The Rainbow Centre and leave a message Tel: 01723 500663