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Healing on the Beach

Healing on the Beach is about Christianity in action; it's about leaving the security of the church building and being out on the streets ministering in busy thoroughfares with the public milling around; it's about being on the front line in seeking to advance the Kingdom of God. It can be a challenge but one the HOB Team thinks is very worthwhile to take on.

A session out on the streets means every member of the Team has to be flexible and ready to take their turn at the various tasks involved. And these can include making the initial contact with passers-by; praying with those responding to the invitation for personal prayer or spending time under girding the session with ongoing prayer support.

One of the toughest jobs is making the initial contact with passers-by and giving out leaflets. Experience, however is showing just how vital this part of the ministry is. Not only does it require courage and boldness but also a need for sensitivity and wisdom in having the right words to say in engaging with the different people encountered. Above all it requires an openness to the Holy Spirit in being guided to approach the right people. An example of such a divine encounter occurred this afternoon when the Team had the privilege of praying for someone going through a very critical time in their life at a time when they needed it most. In fact this afternoon was a very rewarding session altogether with much to encourage. The warm Spring sunshine was also an added bonus.